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Compact Fluorescent Lamps:  Compact fluorescent lamps, or CFL’s, are becoming more diverse and essential as an energy efficient lighting solution. Compact fluorescents are one the most convenient and cost effective ways to further sustainability and improve energy efficiency. Learn more and get the CFLs you need quickly. 

Miniature Lamps and Miniature Light Bulbs:  Miniature lamps and miniature light bulbs are essential for so many industries, as devices become more sophisticated miniature light bulbs and miniature lamps will continue to be an essential component. We make it easy for you to browse and specify miniature lamps through our product catalog.

Deuterium Lamps:  Deuterium lamps are one example of the medical, dental and scientific lighting that we keep in regular supply and ready to ship to you.  We carry deuterium lamps from leading lamp manufacturers, and we can help you find the right lamp for your application.

Sealed Beam Lamps:  Sealed Beam Lamps are commonly used as headlamps in many different applications and industries. We carry sealed beams in every voltage and wattage and supply sealed beams by every manufacturer.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s):  Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) are becoming increasingly popular in replacing traditional incandescent lamps. LED’s are energy efficient and last thousands of hours longer than incandescent lamps.  We can supply LED’s for many different applications.

Ultraviolet Lamps:  Ultraviolet Lamps come in many forms, namely germicidal lamps, blacklight lamps, blacklight-blue lamps and bilirubin lamps. These ultraviolet lamps are only some on the thousand of lamp types we can supply. We supply quality ultraviolet lamps in the configurations, wattages, and wavelengths needed for germicidal UV lamps applications. We can also supply custom-made ultraviolet lamps.

Aviation Lamps:  We supply only factory-new, fully traceable aircraft lamps. We have a complete inventory of aircraft lamps in stock for aircraft navigation systems, instrument panels, aircraft cabins, wing lights, landing lights and flight decks.We can cross Military Standard numbers and National Stock Numbers (NSN) and can ship same-day for AOG’s.

Railroad and Railway Lamps:  We are a worldwide supplier of railroad and railway lamps.  We are known to be one of the most competitive suppliers of railroad and railway lamps and can cross EMD part numbers.  We stock all of the lamps used in the railway industry today.

Halogen Lamps and Halogen Bulbs:  Halogens lamps and halogen bulbs are becoming the newest technology in energy-efficient lighting. Since they provide very precise light and color, halogen bulbs are ideal for lighting in hotels, museums, jewelry stores, art galleries and beauty salons. Specialty Bulb can supply you with all of your halogen lamp requirements.

HID Lamps:  HID lamps are gas-discharge lamps which come in three main types, Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide and Sodium lamps. These lamp types are often used in street lighting, indoor sports arenas, gymnasiums, and large retail stores. Specialty Bulb can competitively supply all Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide lamps as well as High Pressure Sodium and Low-Pressure Sodium (SOX) lamps. 

European Lamps:  European lamps are a common need in different industries here and abroad.  Typically, these lamps have European voltages and European base types. Specialty Bulb can supply all configurations of European bulbs from nearly every manufacturer available. 

LCD and DLP Projection Lamps:  Specialty Bulb supplies replacement projection bulbs for DLP and LCD TV’s and projectors. If you don’t know the bulb part number for your DLP or LCD projection lamp, just contact us with the make and model number of your projector or television and we will source your lamp for you. 



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