LEDs For Transportation

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes are a semi-conductor light source. Their longevity, energy efficiency, and versatility have made them some of the most widely used types of lighting across an increasing number of industries. LEDs use considerably less energy that incandescent, compact fluorescent, and halogen bulbs. They last much longer and create less waste as a result. They also burn cooler than alternative types of lighting but still provide bright and reliable illumination, allowing them to be used in a wide range of commercial, industrial, and household applications.

We carry a wide range of LED headlights used in railway, aviation, and other areas of transportation  We also provide miniature LEDs used in elevators, machinery  and various types of manufacturing equipment. We supply LEDs in all shapes and sizes from leading lighting manufacturers around the world. 

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LED Railroad Headlights And Ditch Lights For Locomotives

LEDs now play an important role in the railway industry. LED headlights on locomotives are energy efficient, long-lasting updates to halogens and incandescent styles (types). LED ditch lights also perform reliably while contributing to railway safety compliance and visibility for railway personnel. If you’re ready to update your locomotive bulbs with LED headlights and LED ditch lights, we can provide the products you require. Our inventory also includes LED engine room lights, step lights, marker lights and LED's used in locomotive number boards.  

Teledyne LEDS For Aviation

We have been supplying aviation lighting solutions, nose-to-tail since our inception in 1984. If you require FAA-PMA approved direct drop-in LEDs to replace existing incandescent and halogen bulbs in commercial and business aircraft, we can readily meet your needs. LEDs draw less power than traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs and offer improved visibility and longevity. Reliable lighting is vital to safe operation of aircraft, and LED aviation lights are a dependable lighting solution. Whether you require LED landing lights, LED landing and taxi lights, or other LED aviation lighting, we can serve as your source. 

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Why Choose Us As Your Source For Aviation, Locomotive And Other LED Headlights?

At Specialty Bulb Co., we have the capabilities to quickly provide you with LEDs that suit your requirements. We maintain an extensive inventory, which allows us to promptly fulfill and ship orders. We can even ship same-day on orders for in-stock items placed by 3 pm EST. Rely on us as your single source for LEDs for locomotive headlights and ditch lights, aviation landing and taxi lights, as well as miniature LEDs, fuses, sockets, lamp holders, flashlights, and a wide variety of lighting solutions.