Deuterium lamps, Deuterium ARC Lamps

Deuterium lamps, or deuterium arc lamps, are specialized scientific lamps that are commonly used in spectroscopy, spectrophotometers and/or spectrographs. Deuterium lamps are a low-pressure, gas-discharge lamp which is filled with deuterium gas at carefully controlled pressures, emitting a nearly continuous spectrum of light ranging from UV wavelengths of 180nm to 370nm. Deuterium lamps are available with natural quartz, synthetic quartz, UV glass, and magnesium fluoride envelopes.

Manufactures We Supply

Specialty Bulb supplies deuterium lamps manufactured by both Heraeus and Hamamatsu, and can supply replacement deuterium lamps for virtually all instrument manufacturers.

Altex, Agilent/Hewlett Packard, Alltech, Amersham Pharmacia, Aminco, Analytik Jena, Applied Biosystems(ABI), BAS, Bausch & Lomb, Beckman Coulter, Bichrom/Pharmacia, Bio-Tek Instruments, Biorad, Biotage/Dyax, Bischoff, Brandtech Scientific, Buchi, Buchler, Buck,Scientific, Camag, Carlo Erba, Cary/Varian, Cecil
Ciba-Corning, Cole-Palmer, Coleman, D-star, Dionex, Dupont, Dynamax, ESA, Fisher, GBC, Gilford, Gilson/Rainin, Groton Gynkotek, Hach, Helios, Hewlett Packard/Agilent, Hitachi, Hitachi/Perkin Elmer, Hnu, IBM, ISCO, Jasco, Jenway, Jobin Horiba, Knauer, Kontron, Kratos, LC, Packings/Dionex, LDC/Thermo, Linear, LKB/Pharmac, McPherson, Merck, Micrometrics, Milton Roy/Bausch & Lomb, Nanometrics, Nicolet, Perkin Elmer, Perseptive Biosystems, Pharmacia(LKB), Philips/Unicam/Thermo, PYE Unicam, Rainin, Rosemount, Scientific Systems INC(SSI), Severn Analytical, Shimadzu, Speck Analytical, Spectra Physics/Thermo, Spectronic Instruments/Thermo,SPEX, Thermo Elemental(Unicam), Thermo Finnigan(Thermo), Thermo Jarrel Ash, ThermoQuest, Thermo Speration, Tosoh,Transgenomic, Turner,Unicam(PYE Unicam), Varian, Waters, Zeiss, Zeiss(Jena).

UV Deuterium Lamps

Specialty Bulb can also supply deep UV deuterium lamps , also known as vacuum UV lamps, which have spectral ranges from 110-350nm. These lamps are used for high-resolution optics, semi-conductor exposure, photochemical processes, HPLC and many other applications.

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