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Aircraft navigation lights are used in the aviation industry to assist in the navigation process. These lights can refer to strobe lights that are meant to help aircraft avoid collisions and exterior lights that are placed at the wingtips and tail of an aircraft.

Strong illumination is essential in this type of lighting. Bulbs must function as beacons and notify ground crews of certain flight procedures, including takeoff and landing. All aircraft navigation lights should perform without fail, even in extreme temperatures, low visibility environmental conditions, and severe weather including snow, rain, and fog.

Operation under such circumstances is imperative to the safety of passengers and crew, which is why aircraft navigation lighting must measure up to the utmost quality and performance standards.

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Lamps And Bulbs For Many Aviation Purposes

We’re pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of aircraft navigation lights including LED options. LEDs are an increasingly common type of bulb used by the aviation industry.

Their longevity and efficiency means that individual bulb replacements and maintenance is required less often. They still provide bright and brilliant light with reduced demand for power. This is highly advantageous for the industry as it means less time on the ground for upkeep and more time up in the air.

We can readily provide aviation lamps that play varied roles in the interior and exterior of an aircraft, which include logo lights used to illuminate graphics on the wings and tail of aircraft.

Our LED aircraft navigation lamps are available in industry standard colors that include red and green for wingtip lights, as well as white for wingtip and tail lights. They serve vital purposes for crew notification, anti-collision, and takeoff and landing operations.

If you require bulbs for aircraft mood lighting systems, upwash and downwash cabin lighting, various cockpit settings, and for other placements on the interior or exterior of an aircraft, we can supply a wide range of colors, tones, and bulb types, including many LED options.

We can also provide high visibility lights such as PAR36, PAR46, and PAR64 bulbs, and an array of options for landing, taxiing and runway turnoff lighting.

Your Authorized Distributor Of Top Aviation Lighting Brands

You will benefit from the long-lasting partnerships we’ve maintained with many different aviation lamp manufacturers including General Electric, Chicago Miniature, Oshino, BE Aerospace, ALI, Teledyne, AeroLEDs and more. We’re here to serve as your point of access for the aviation industry’s most in-demand lighting products.

AeroLEDs offers a wide variety of LEDs for general aviation, business and rotorcraft. We are one of the very few authorized distributors for this provider. They manufacture an extensive variety of LEDs for landing, taxiing, and navigation. Many products are certified but may require an STC 337 or log book entry depending upon the application and aircraft.

Teledyne lighting provides a diverse range of LEDs that are FAA/PMA certified for commercial, business, and rotorcraft applications. All products are FAA/PMA approved per aircraft type on their supplement. We are one of the very few authorized distributors for Teledyne.

Get The Bulbs You Need With Complete Quality Assurance

If you are looking for bulbs from a specific manufacturer, or as a drop-in replacement for a particular fixture or setting, give us the details and we’ll connect you with the most appropriate solution.

For more than thirty years, we’ve helped domestic and international airlines, business jet operators, helicopter operators, and military/defense customers get the lighting products they need for their aircraft.

We work with aircraft maintenance professionals, engineers, and major airlines to efficiently identify the most appropriate solution for their lighting requirements. We can provide you with details on FAA/PMA certifications, pricing, potential ROI you stand to gain for specific types of bulbs, various performance and efficiency specifications, and other information that will ensure you get the greatest benefit from your purchase and that it correctly fulfills your requirements.

If you’re ready to place your order for LED aircraft navigation lights, logo lights, or aviation lamps, contact us here on our website or call us directly.

Why Choose Us As Your Aircraft Navigation Light Supplier?

Unlike most other companies, we’re focused solely on lighting and we’re highly knowledgeable on the needs of customers in many different industries. The close relationships we’ve built with the manufacturers and suppliers that we represent enables us to offer complete quality assurances in every product we provide.

Our inventory is diverse and meets with the ever-changing demands of a vibrant and fast-paced industry. We are ISO certified, accept all major credit cards, and can provide same-day shipment of in-stock items for all orders placed before 3pm EST. If you need AOG service, we can respond to your request 24/7.

When you choose us, you’ll see why we are one of the most trusted suppliers of high-quality, competitively priced lighting solutions.