Railways Bulbs, Locomotive Headlights, And Other Railroad Lamps

The railway industry requires lamps and bulbs that will perform reliably. We provide a comprehensive selection of railroad lamps and bulbs for all different train and locomotive applications.

We supply locomotive headlights, locomotive ditch lights, train marker lights, railway signal lamps, and inspection lamps that provide dependable illumination in all types of weather and environmental conditions. These exterior railroad lights play an important role in the safe operation of a train. We’re proud to serve as a reliable source for these vital lighting solutions.

We also carry railway lamps and bulbs that are specifically used in train interiors, including engine room lights, number board lights and cab lights. These lights are used in every type of locomotive. 

Railroad and railway lamps are very specific bulb types with voltages that range from 6V to 130V and many voltages in between. We carry an extensive selection of lamps with various wattages, bulbs, and base types, which you can browse through our catalog.

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Locomotive Lamps And Bulbs From the Industry’s Leading Manufacturers

As an authorized distributor for all major domestic manufacturers of railroad lamps, we can meet your needs when you’re ready to source railway bulbs from GE, Sylvania and many others, including international light bulb (or bulb) manufacturers. 

We can drop-ship to your customer or ship your order overseas. We keep our inventory stocked with the most in-demand railroad and railway bulbs to meet your or your customer’s requirements. Specialty Bulb can also cross-reference your EMD numbers and can supply newer LED’s for railway and railroad applications.

Source Railway Lamps And Bulbs Online

We simplify the bulb sourcing process for our customers by giving them access to competitively priced, railway lighting solutions. We make the sourcing and ordering process fast and easy, so that you can identify and order the bulbs you require, and have them shipped without delay. We can even ship in-stock items the same day if your order is placed before 3 pm EST. Our experienced and dedicated team is here to answer all of your questions. If you need assistance sourcing railway or railroad lamps specifically, please call us and ask to speak with Caden.

In addition to railroad lighting solutions, including halogen ditch lightsLED locomotive headlights, and Dr. Fischer railway signal lamps, we can meet your needs for a range of other industry specific lighting, including aircraft and airfield light bulbs.

Why Choose Us As Your Railroad Lamp And Bulb Supplier?

When you choose Specialty Bulb Co. as your railroad bulb and lamp supplier, we’ll provide you with attentive customer service, careful consideration of your requirements, and fast fulfillment of your order. Trust us to meet your needs for the most in-demand lamps and bulbs used by the railroad industry. We can also provide light bulbs, fuses, sockets, lamp holders, LEDs, LED flashlights, and other lighting solutions for many different applications.