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With over one million LED locomotive lamps in service, Bulb Specialist is the world leader in this specialized market. We are proud to introduce a real game changer that will benefit many departments within the railroad while producing a return on investment that is second to none.


  • Crews will see better
  • Operations will have far less failures and service interruptions
  • Safety will eliminate cut and burn injuries
  • Mechanical will have far fewer headlights burn outs and batteries
  • to replace
  • Procurement will save on fuel while reducing their total cost of ownership
  • Save time and money while improving your rail operations today and make the switch to the Railhead PAR56 LED headlight.

Our lamp illuminates the track and surroundings in a superior way to other LED options, giving clear and smooth light across the required area, more distance perception, all without hotspots in the field of view for the engineer or conductor

Works as an AUXILIARY/DITCHLIGHT and flashes when needed / works with ditch light control boxes

Our lamp gives the closest light pattern and color to the traditional halogens while also giving increased visibility

Some LED lamps are compliant but give a very thin beam and less illumination than traditional halogen



Minini Corn Cob Cab Light Bayonet Style, will replace replace incandescent bulbs
Avg Life (hr)
50,00 ( 70% Brighness )
Color Temp
Cool White
Nom. Length (in)
Dia. (in)
55 or 65mm available
3 Years
Case Material
Alternate #
LED Replacement
Replaces a 30 watt incandescent bulb
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Base Type


  • EMI quiet / does not cause radio disturbance
  • Eliminates cut and burn injuries
  • Anti-theft DC circuit (will not work on household power)

 Cost Benifit & Reture On Investment

Replace traditional locomotive lighting with Railhead LED bulbs and save millions in fuel and maintenance. Over 1 million of our LED locomotive bulbs have been in service in the North American, South American, Australian, European and Northern Quebec markets. Proven field reliability over 12 years, by American Class 1 Railways, Australia’s EDI Downer Rail, and Progress Rail clients and on.


Energy / Diesel fuel savings per locomotive based on 8 hours per day use 365 days per year: Each 50 watt LED headlight that replaces a 350 watt halogen headlight reduces power consumption by 300 watts. Each headlight used 8 hours per day saves 876 kilowatt hours of energy per year. On a diesel locomotive, this translates into approximately 876 liters of diesel fuel saved per year, per headlight/ auxiliary light in use.


Please Note: At 8 hours of runtime per day, the ROI / (return on investment) on our lamps is under 6 months. Most locomotives in service operate longer than 8 hours per day. Longer runtime per day will speed up the ROI incrementally. We warranty our product for 3 years.

The way in which a locomotive engine converts diesel fuel into electrical power. (Provided by Canadian Pacific Railway Engineers in Calgary).


One liter of #2 diesel fuel has a total energy content of 9 kwh, and that “9” needs to be modified by the efficiency of the diesel-alternator set to get liters per kwh of electricity. If the conversion was around 11% efficient, the general rule of thumb of 1 liter per kwh for locomotive auxiliary power would be accurate. Therefore: 1 liter of diesel fuel = 1 kilowatt hour of locomotive auxiliary electrical power.