Our Story

Specialty Bulb Co. was established in 1984, by Judith Beja. Judy worked tirelessly to source quality bulbs that were hard to find and then negotiate the best prices possible. Since then, Specialty Bulb has distinguished itself as one of the most competitive, knowledgeable and diverse bulb distributors in the world, selling bulbs for every industry and for every application imaginable, while representing some of the finest lamp manufacturers worldwide.

Specialty Bulb is now owned and operated by two of Judy's daughters, Caden and Janine, who were both long-time employees prior to taking over the business and have vast knowledge of the industry.

As a company we are not only knowledgeable about the products we sell and how to source them, but we take the time to understand our customer's requirements. At Specialty Bulb, quality products, competitive prices and excellent service are still our priorities. It's what's enabled us to service our customers and keep them coming back while continuing the Specialty Bulb legacy the very way Judy began it.

Specialty Bulb...Simply Brilliant.