Ultraviolet Light Bulbs And UV Lamps For Curing, Germicidal Uses And More

Ultraviolet lamps come in many forms, such as germicidal, blacklight, blacklight-blue and bilirubin. They are used in a range of applications in many different industries.

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Actinic And Blacklight Lamps For Many Applications

Germicidal or UV disinfection lamps are typically used to kill bacteria or to produce ozone for water and air purification. These lamps can be used in diagnostic and therapeutic uses, for the eradication of microorganisms, fluorescing substances, curing plastic resins.

Germicidal lamps aid in the sterilization of surfaces and equipment, and are therefore quite useful for decontaminating workspaces and tools used in food and beverage processing, laboratories where biological materials are present, and in various medical facilities.

Unlike ultraviolet bulbs available for commercial and novelty purposes, germicidal bulbs emit ultraviolet light in a range that can be harmful to living things apart from microorganisms. This is why they should only be used for disinfection purposes and must be operated with care.

Germicidal lamps are available in low pressure and medium pressure varieties, with low pressure being among the most common. Though they are similar to ordinary fluorescent lamps in appearance, they lack fluorescent phosphor. This feature allows for the emission of light within the short-wave UV-C range, which contributes to the ability to kill viruses, bacteria, and spores.

Blacklight is often characterized by “BL” in their part number and appear white when not in use. Blacklight lamps (BL) emit electromagnetic radiation in the soft near-ultraviolet range with very little visible light. Blacklight-blue lamps (BLB) are known for the black or dark-blue color when not in use. These lamps can be used in applications for attracting insects, counterfeit money detection, and special effects applications. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Bilirubin lamps are blue ultraviolet fluorescent lamps that are often used in phototherapy for newborn infants who have jaundice due to increased levels of bilirubin in their blood. The "bili" lamps give off specific wavelengths of light that help break down bilirubin into forms that can then leave the body.

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